Technology and Learning

NORCAT’s Technology and Learning group works with clients to educate them on the latest trends and effective use and integration of learning technologies for training and development. We realize the growing demand for leveraging new technologies creates significant opportunities to drive meaningful learning outcomes and enhance long-term knowledge retention in workers. That said, integrating learning technologies can be a complex endeavour and we understand what works and what doesn't.

Beyond our advisory service, Studio NORCAT works with clients to translate technology and learning strategy into implementation. Our in-house studio works with clients on the development and deployment of VR / AR and avatar-based learning solutions. Click here to learn more about Studio NORCAT and our development services.

Did You Know?

NORCAT is home to one world’s largest equipment simulation training and development centres. In this facility, NORCAT trains equipment, machinery, and vehicle operators with multiple, high fidelity, 360-degree simulators - increasing operator performance, efficiency, and safety.

Highlighted Projects:

NORCAT worked with a leading mining technology and research centre to develop a unique and engaging VR learning experience to understand the fundamentals of the mining supply chain and operations. As part of the project, Studio NORCAT developed the script and narration and captured 360-degree video on-site at the operations of a leading mining company. The learning experience was deployed using Oculus Go VR technology to ensure learners are engaged in a meaningful and memorable way.

The learning experience included a series of short videos focused on array of themes including, but not limited to, the mill circuit and water management. The experience was intend to enable learners to put on VR goggles, select which video the viewer would like to watch, and will have a unique learning experience to better understand the operations of that specific area of the mining supply chain.

As part of a broader mine rescue training and development strategy, NORCAT worked with a leading science centre to develop an installation for an inter-active underground mine rescue experience. The project entailed creating a real-life mine rescue mission adhering to the actual rules and regulations governing mine rescue operations in the Province of Ontario. The finished product, developed by Studio NORCAT, was a multi-player, first person experience using an avatar-based learning environment and game controllers.