Simulation Training

Our simulation training centre features a unique and user-friendly training experience that allows mining operators to "sit in the driver's seat" of various mining machines in order to be trained efficiently and economically. The simulator encourages both new and experienced operators to gain added experience in a realistic, non-destructive environment.

At the heart of every mining simulator is a simulated cab, a highly realistic replica of the actual mining equipment, with fully functional instruments and controls. The cab is mounted on a motion platform and is surrounded by a 360 degree panoramic, high resolution projection display with surround sound audio. The operation of sub systems, including engines, braking systems, hydraulics, and drilling heads is mathematically modelled to the specifications of the original manufacturer in order to provide accurate feedback to the user. Operator observation vigilance and procedural knowledge is consistently tested to encourage skilled, safe, and productive operators.

Did You Know?

Studio NORCAT is a pioneer in virtual reality, augmented reality, and avatar-based learning technology. This state-of-the-art technology and software studio creates, develops, and commercializes technologies and programs that enhance knowledge, skills, and capabilities of workers around the world.

Available Equipment

  • Sandvik LH 514 Loader
  • CAT R1700 Loader

State of the art CYBERMINE LHD simulators allow operators to manage underground emergency situations and perform safe and effective training in mucking, hauling, and dumping skills. The simulator includes tunnels, loading points, chutes, dumping grounds and artificially intelligent ADTs, LHDs, drill rigs and other miners in order to support the LHD operator training and evaluation process.

* Video shows CYBERMINE’s Atlas Copco ST600 LHD

Drilling and Bolting
  • Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer 282
  • Maclean Bolter 928

The CYBERMINE range of drill rig and bolter simulators use highly advanced technology and training techniques to effectively train operators for every situation, without risk or loss of productivity.

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