Leveraging technological advancements, exploring new domains in experiential training.

We specialize in creating and producing interactive and experiential training programs and believe that engaged learning will be integral in the future of learning, training and skills development.

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The world’s first augmented reality (AR) fire extinguisher training tool. FiAR brings extinguisher training to a new level of realism.

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Facebook and Oculus sent a film crew to follow us for a week to learn more about our Virtual Reality Project in collaboration with Ontario Mine Rescue for the VR For Good, VR For Safety feature.

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About Studio NORCAT

Studio NORCAT is both a creative “think – tank” and an innovative “do-tank” working with our clients to develop and deliver meaningful experiences in interactive environments. We specialize in creating and producing interactive and experiential training programs and services and believe that engaged learning is an integral part of the future of learning, training, and development.

We take pride in being innovative designers that create new, mind-blowing realities, where human imagination is the only limit.

Our Mission & Vision.

We’ve engaged with multiple stakeholders across a variety of industries to better understand how technology will support and integrate with the future of work and learning.

Our new technologies demonstrate our commitment to listening to our clients and ensuring our solutions enhance both the productivity and safety of workers around the world while transforming how skilled labour industries train and educate their workforce.


Culture, Creativity and Learning

We celebrate creativity, innovation, and challenging constraints. We strive to explore new challenges. Work is play and play is learning. Our dedicated team is always hungry for new and exciting things to learn, creating solutions to new and existing problems and innovating along the way.


For all work related inquiries, career opportunities, internships and placements contact studio@norcat.org