Underground Training

We are setting the global standard of excellence in training our future mine workers to be productive, confident, and safe.

NORCAT is the only non-profit skilled labour training and development organization in the world that has an operating mine, the NORCAT Underground Centre, dedicated to providing integrated, hands-on, and practical training programs for both new and existing miners.

The mine provides our clients with a range of experiential training programs that are not available anywhere else in the world. It serves as the perfect location for our four-week Common Core Training program and a range of specialty customized programs, including our Diamond Driller Common Core program and our operator training programs.

To learn more about Training at the NORCAT Underground Centre, call 705-521-8324 ext. 259

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Did You Know?

NORCAT’s Underground Hard Rock Common Core program has educated, trained, and prepared thousands of workers from around the world to have productive and safe careers in the mining industry.