Miraco background

MIRARCO (Mining Innovation Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corporation) established in 1998, is a unique, hybrid, not-for-profit entity comprised of teams of scientists and engineers, IT & business professionals, and students. In order to meet the demands of a changing marketplace, MIRARCO is now engaged in six core research domains – mining safety research, geohazard assessment and risk mitigation, ventilation and product optimization, energy, renewables and carbon management and climate adaptation and sustainable communities.

MIRARCO’s vision is to develop the people and innovative tools needed to plan and design the mines and mine waste facilities of the future that conserve environmental integrity and preserve sustainable communities.

MIRARCO develops innovative technologies, applied solutions, and highly qualified individuals in support of a safe, productive and sustainable mining industry. The NORCAT Underground Centre was an invaluable resource for MIRARCO. This unique asset allowed MIRARCO to undertakes research focused on geohazard assessment and the mitigation of unpredictable rock behavior associated with deep mining in a small-scale operating mine in Sudbury, Ontario – one of the world’s leading mining technology and innovation clusters.

“The development of Ontario’s mining resources is a key driver of economic growth and opportunity across the province. It is of utmost importance to assure the sustainability and advancement of mining to create a prosperous future for the economy in Ontario, Canada and beyond. We see the work NORCAT does to foster and promote technology and innovation and we have been proud to support and be a part of the initiative to move the mining industry into the future.”
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