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Your Mobile Companion for Workplace Safety.

Safety Wallet allows for easy access to personal training records, compliancy vertification, and industry news and resources.

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4 1/2-star Review
“This is an awesome app for my personal health and safety training records and management.”
5-star Review
“Great app for keeping track of my courses. I often leave my wallet in the truck, or, even forget to check on them. I can now keep on top of courses easily.”
4-star Review
“Great app that shows me my completed courses as well as my expired courses that I need to update.”
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and monitor your training.

With Safety Wallet you can sign-in and view your NORCAT Training Account. With your unique QR code employers can easily validate your compliancy on-site or in the field.

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Records that follow you.

Keep track of your training compliancy. Once signed-in using your NORCAT user account credentials you are able to view a detailed summary of your courses and their validity.

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Training records on-demand.

Access individual courses from your training record profile, view details including score and download PDF Training Records directly to your device.

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Download valuable industry resources.

Safety Wallet includes practical industry standard documents and helpful guides for keeping you safe and compliant in the workplace.

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Easy access to available training courses

Browse NORCAT's entire training catalog including course time, pricing and location offered. Easily filter courses for industry and language, or search for a specific one.

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Safety Snippets

Need a quick safety refresher? Safety Snippets covers a range of topics including fall protection harnesses, respirator fit checks, personal protective equipment and good housekeeping.

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Helping workers get home safely at the end of every work day.

Perfectly paired for compliancy.

NORCAT’s proprietary card stays with the individual and links to our secure, on-line database containing the worker's full training history and records to ensure real-time on-site compliance and validation with the Safety Wallet App.

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Spot Audit provides a real-time contractor training compliance tool for in-the-field record verification. Contractors can present either their NORCAT issued compliancy card or present their QR card found on the users profile in the Safety Wallet App.

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