Innovating Mining Technology: Application Form

Canadian organizations are invited to pitch, build, and test a proof of concept using Rogers Wireless Private Network, edge technologies by Dell, and the NORCAT Underground Centre test bed to accelerate innovation in the mining sector. Join the Challenge, today!

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NORCAT, the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA), Rogers, Dell Technologies, OVIN and OCI welcome organizations that operate in Canada to submit?how they might use the Rogers Technology Centre of Excellence at the NORCAT Underground Centre in Sudbury, ON for an innovative application which leverages multi-access edge computing, ultra-low latency, and critical connectivity that would enhance their mining technology business in the areas of productivity, energy efficiency, environmental impact, safety and/or automation.

Participants must outline how they might use the characteristics offered by the Rogers Wireless Private Network and edge technologies by Dell for critical connectivity and ultra-low latency.

Ideas can be enhancements to existing products/services or new products/services and should be demonstrable within a 3-month period at the NORCAT Underground Centre in Sudbury, ON. End-user devices for use cases must be SIM-enabled devices.

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