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NORCAT Open Innovation Platform

An online marketplace that provides a forum to address the intractable challenges facing the global mining industry.

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An Online Marketplace That Brings Together the “Builders” and “Buyers” of Innovation

The NORCAT Open Innovation Platform seeks to identify and engage innovative companies with potential technology solutions to solve some of the most challenging issues facing the global mining industry.

Through our platform and services, we create opportunities to expedite product development and further technology adoption and deployments of emerging technologies that are poised to transform the global mining industry.

Mining Companies

  • Identify and partner with companies to solve your biggest challenges
  • Gather insight into the future of mining technology
  • See and touch innovative solutions and technologies

Tech Companies

  • Build solutions to solve the mining industries biggest challenges
  • Be exposed to the world’s biggest mining companies
  • Access funding and resources to build out a proof-of-concept and solution

Service Offerings

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Curated research service to identify tech companies that have potential solutions that are aligned to the priorities of your mining company.



Identify and accelerate the development, testing, and deployment of solutions to address the global mining industry's intractable challenges.

Buy and Sell Days

Buy / Sell Days

Participate in pitch events featuring technology companies showcasing their solutions at the NORCAT Underground Centre.

NORCAT is uniquely positioned to drive innovation and change in the global mining industry.

While working with tech companies and major mining companies, we identified a need to build a more strategic and reliable pathway to solve not only the specific challenges facing the mining industry, but also the indirect issues facing the environment, human safety, and innovation at all levels of the value chain.


SK Godelius