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Connected Living Yoga and Wellness

Dawn Condon has devoted the past 20 years to the wellness and fitness industry. Creator of Shine Om Yoga and the "Yoga For Real People" series, Dawn is the founder and owner of Connected Living Yoga and Wellness based in Sudbury, Ontario. Here, Dawn offers many yoga classes to suit a diverse clientele - from beginners to seniors. Dawn's take-away from the Future Proof Program included an improved web presence and a clearer understanding of the potential opportunities to use online tools for business development and client engagement.

“Through the Digital Main Street program, I was able to work with a team on my specific projects and that was a massive help to my business. I got organized and was set up to take control of my media presence and to create a cohesive look for my brand. I'm happy to have participated in the program.”

Dawn Condon
Owner / Founder, Connected Living Yoga and Wellness

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