The People Factor: Managing the Most Important Resource During the Digital Transformation of the Mining Industry

The global mining industry is currently undergoing a remarkable innovation renaissance. Companies around the world are continuing to build momentum and prepare for a significant transformation. This push for transformation stems from an unprecedented set of pressures on executives to drive shareholder value, improve productivity, and enhance asset utilization. Concurrently, as all of this unfolds, the continued investment in and deployment of new technologies are redefining the future of work and learning and what it means to have a career in mining.

One of the main concerns facing mining executives worldwide, and one of the main factors surrounding the push to rethink mining, is productivity. Productivity in the mining industry has been on a downward trend, and the potential to achieve a breakthrough in improving productivity and performance is now within the industry’s reach thanks to the digital and technology innovations poised to revolutionize and transform key aspects of mining and downstream processing. These technologies include those designed to optimize production, build comprehension of the resource base, monitor performance in real-time and improve risk management and anticipation of failure.

However, the implementation of this innovation renaissance is not without its challenges. As explained by Deloitte, "in the complex interaction between technology, infrastructure and process, the ‘people’ side of operational readiness often presents the greatest challenge." Despite the implementation of new technologies and innovations meant to achieve optimal performance, projects still fail due to the lack of preparations surrounding operational readiness and execution.

As the mining industry has revolutionized, NORCAT has remained at the forefront of understanding innovation and technology trends and has held a privileged perspective to offer meaningful and powerful insights to help executives overcome their own transformation and innovation challenges. NORCAT’s talent and human capital advisory services provide an integrated and creative approach to learning and development operational readiness planning for the modern mine. These services allow us to provide our clients with leading-edge insights into the ‘people’ side of operational readiness and allows mining companies around the world the assurance that their most important resource – people – are engaged and prepared for meaningful careers.

NORCAT’s diverse and experienced team follow the training Map Action Plan (MAP), a road map designed to provide integrated and strategic training analysis equipping clients with scalable tools and sustainable solutions. This Training Road MAP delivers the inputs necessary to build the foundational framework to integrate training and development strategy into an organization’s operational readiness plan and allows for improved organizational agility and resource optimization, delivering a seamless operation from the very first day.

To further prepare the global mining workforce for the "new world of work", NORCAT has also developed an array of training, technology, and innovative service offerings to meet the growing and diverse skilled labour training and development needs of global mining and mining technology companies focused on competitiveness, shareholder and stakeholder value, productivity and health and safety.

NORCAT will be debuting an array of these new learning technologies at the NORCAT experiential booth in the Northern Ontario Pavilion at PDAC 2019 in Toronto. The live demonstration will include the latest in mine skills training including AR, VR, and interactive avatar-based training.