Training MAP Tool

Your Road Map to Success

Management Action Plan - Training MAP Tool

The Training Management Action Plan (MAP) Tool is an integrative and strategic training analysis tool which provides the inputs necessary to build the foundational framework for a comprehensive training and development strategy.

  • Compliance Analysis: Identify the compliance requirements relevant to your organization; legislative, industry, company and site compliance requirements.
  • Training System Framework: Identify the training streams within the organization; pre-hire training, general orientation, site specific orientation, job training.
  • Competency Mapping: Identify the competency requirements for each job role.
  • Training Plan: Identify the training and development plans within your organization; learning objectives, training methods, training assessments, training program design.
  • The Road Map: Use the Training MAP Tool to assist in developing a Training Road Map, and deliver focused information integral to the effective development, deployment and continuous improvement of training and development initiatives during the various stages of operations.